22 Mei 2013

Brand new breeze!

Hellooooooo! It's been awhile since my last post huh? Yes, i'm so sorry because lately i'm too busy with my activity and task in college.
Well, we are now in middle of may and slowly i feel so hot in my hometown. Everytime i got sweat on my body and it makes me so uncomfortable that i'd rather stay in the room with air conditioner in it than walking out the room. Finally, i made my choice to cut my hair. Yeah, i cut my hair from long to short! Not really short but it suits me well with my rounded face. 



I really love my hair now, it's light and easy to style. And by the way i change the theme of my blog today. I made my own header and some of image on the right side. It's more simple than the theme before, and i change the name too, xoxo.

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