05 Januari 2012

The Hush Sound

The Hush Sound was an indie quartet originating in DuPage Country, Illinois, United States. Initially named "The Hush," the band later changed their name to "The Hush Sound" due to the discovery of a rapper with the same name. The band consists of Bob Morris on vocals and guitar, Mike Leblanc on bass guitar and vocals, Darren Wilson on drums, percussion, and vocals, and Greta Salpeter on vocals and piano.

I know this band from my friend, Aska Rindarto. He was recommended me this band when i ask him some of recommendation band he knew. And then, i tried to download the song which his recommended me. The first time i listened to their song, i immediately fell in love with Greta's voicebecause she has a sweet voice and the melody of the song sounded cheerful despite the lyrics describe the sadness.

Their first album named So Sudden:

City Traffic Puzzle
Weeping Willow
Crawling Towards The Sun
The Artist
Unsafe Safe
My Apologies
The Market
Tides Change
Carry Me Home

Their second album named Like Vines:

We Intertwined
A Dark Congregation
Sweet Tangerine
Lions Roar
Don't Wake Me Up
Where We Went Wrong
Wine Red
Out Through The Curtain
You Are The Moon

Their third album named Goodbye Blues:

Medicine Man
The Boys Are Too Refined
As You Cry
That's Okay
Not Your Concern
Love You Much Better
Hospital Bed Crawl
Break The Sky

By the way, i really love almost all of their song, because their song illustrate what i feel inside my heart and my mind. I hope you enjoy the song of this band too ♥


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