18 April 2012


Happy Birthday for my one and only best girl friend, Afrianeke Firstinanda Putri Paramita. Today she's turn nineteen. She's little bit old huh? Hahahhaha :p 
I really love her so I wish all the best for her. I want her to be happy and always smile like a child. I hope she can be more patient and not to be so jealousy if her boyfriend close with his girl friend. I hope she will be long last till the end of time with her boyfriend. I wish her can be success and someday she can be a Diplomat. Amen.

I have a gift for her. I make birthday video for her gift. Fyi, this is my first time for making video like this one. And I'm glad when she's extremely happy to see this video. I want to show the video to you too. Please enjoy :))

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