11 Mei 2012

Deas Vail

Deas Vail (pronounced "day-us vayl") is an indie rock band, whose lyrics are influenced by their Christian faith, signed to Mono Vs Stereo label. The name "Deas Vail" is a combination of Latin and old French, roughly translated as "Humble servent of God". The band members are Wes Blaylock (lead vocals), Laura Blaylock (piano, keyboards, synthesizers), Justin Froning (bas guitar), Wes Saunders (drums, percussion), and Andy Moore (guitar). The lead vocalist's voice, Wes Blaylock, he has such damn good voice. Amazing falsetto. Deas Vail have a great thing going for such a young band. Hailing from Arkansas, they themselves say they’ve been influenced by Death Cab and Mew, and it certainly shows. They sound like a cross between Mae and Mew with a splash of Copeland every now and again–but, they’re certainly not copycats and are carving out their out sound. After a brief opener, the album begins with a piano driven track entitled “Light as Air” that has a tight baseline driving the beat. I think this song really sets the stage for the rest of the disc. The whole album has walks the line between upbeat and slightly depressed. I love it. They have only made one full-length album so far, entitled “All the Houses Look the Same” and an EP entitled “White Lights” both of which are on the label “A Brave New World” in 2007 and 2008. in Januari 2010 they released another full length album, entitled "Birds and Cages".  On October 10, 2011, they released their album Deas Vail a day earlier than planned on Amazon at a greatly discounted price. Shortly after, on November 29, 2011, they released a 4-track Christmas EP entitled "For Shepherds and Kings". This EP contains Deas Vail's take on a few traditional Christmas songs as well as the less traditional and bleak "Coventry Carol".

i really like all the song of this band so damn much <3

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