15 Juli 2011

korean drama

you know what? my mom is a korean drama fanatic, every month at least my mom bought 1-3 kinds of drama, so that my mother's collection of korean dramas have reached 35 titles .. because my mother's favorite of korean drama makes me lucky not to miss the korean drama on television hihihi.. and this is collection of korean dramas that I have at home :D
  1. playfull kiss / naughty kiss
  2. dream high
  3. baker king
  4. mr. goodbye
  5. personal taste
  6. cinderella sister
  7. pick the star
  8. dream
  9. becoming billionaire
  10. still marry me
  11. marry me marry
  12. prosecutor princess
  13. style
  14. coffee prince
  15. coffee house
  16. oh my lady
  17. hero
  18. you're beautiful
  19. winter sonata
  20. lord of study
  21. secret garden
  22. creating destiny
  23. tamra the island
  24. dong yi, jewel of the crown
  25. you're my destiny
  26. the greatest love
  27. lie to me
  28. my girlfriend is gumiho
  29. pasta
  30. paradise ranch
  31. my princess
  32. it's okay daddy girl
  33. president
  34. worlds within
  35. don't hesitate
so many isn't it? haha this is some photo of korean dramas that i have, enjoy it..

several friends who miss the drama korea always borrow the dvd which have, so they can still follow the story, you also want to borrow? just leave a comment here :)
anyone who wants to borrow the dvd is only based in Semarang


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