14 Juli 2011

my playlist this week

this is playlist on my blackberry media:
  • you do, you don't - friday night boys
  • talking to the moon - bruno mars
  • black and yellow - wiz khalifa
  • island in the sun - weezer
  • i want you to - weezer
  • there is light that never goes out - the smiths
  • music when the lights go out - the liberties
  • we'll be a dream - we the kings ft demi lovato
  • who says - selena gomez
  • this is war - 30 second to mars
  • guts - all time low
  • need you now - lady antebellum
  • everu teardrop is a waterfall - coldplay
  • brick by boring brick - paramore
i really like that song, emm some song in that list was recomended by my friends and brother :)

1 komentar:

  1. haha iya dol udah beda kok santai aja ama gueeeeeeeeeeeeh heheheh. anyway i like need you now by lady a too hehe