26 Januari 2012

My Sweet Escape Story

Hello guys, how is your holiday? are you having fun? i really having fun with my short holiday trip or you can call it my sweet escape because i was running from my problem and i can't solve it. As you know, i've been in Bandung for a week. I went there with my bestfriend named Ajeng or Ajon by bus, it spend 8 hours to get there from Semarang and i stayed at her place for 4 days. She was accompanied me at there and we going to the place where i want to go. We were hunting place to take a photo and many more. Then in my last 2 days in Bandung, i stayed at my sister house named Mbak Nindi. She was accompanied me to go shopping and hunting food. Ah, i've got much experience in there. I hope i can go there again someday. :)

This is some photos from Bandung.

me - ajon

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