04 Februari 2012

It's not anonymous letter, It's ordinary love letter.

Dear you, how have you been? I hope you're doing fine and healthy.

Dear you, this time i'm not writing an anonymous letter for you. Don't ask me why because i don't know the reason why i didn't write an anonymous letter for you like i did two weeks ago. I'm sorry if i bother you all this time with all my frontal words although not directly i said to you. 

Dear you, do you remember telling me that you miss my smile? And when i met you last week i gave you my smile that you want to seeI'm glad when i saw your smile smiled me back. Thanks to you for came forward to the front of the stage and accompanied me watching the performance of efek rumah kaca. That day was really a great day, i can see you and be with you for a while.

Dear you, somehow i really miss you.  I miss morning and night greeting from you. I miss the spirit that always you give to me. I miss all the short messages you sent to me that makes me smile and blush when i read it. Where are you now? Where is the promise that you will try to help me when i fall? I know it's just mere words and not to be true. Did you know? I fell in love with you. I have no reason how i could fall in love with you. I've been trying to prevent these feelings, but heart can never lie. 

Dear you, i never hope you'll fell in love with me and i never hope you'll have the same feelings that i have for you. But i'm afraid to hope, i was too afraid to fall again even though i always thought if you have the same feelings for me. What i will do now is to let these feelings grow and then disappear by itselfI'm just going to say this to you"don't fall in love with me". Because i don't know what i will do if you fall in love with me.

Dear you, if you were aware of my feelingsplease don't change your attitude that you showed me all these time. pretend that you didn't know about it. I realized that i have no right for loving you, but i want to love you with my own way. Loving you secretly.

Dear you, i smurf you.

Your Ribs

Ps: Dear you, who have a name with the first letter of eighteen.

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