01 Juli 2012

Hey, July.

Okay now  we're in July. but i don't feel happy in the first date of July. i can't welcome July like i welcome the other months. i have the reason of this ya know? first, i've just realize i got no money on my wallet or my pocket. second, i'm still single because i've no relationship with any other guy over a year even though i have many boy friends that close to me. and the last, i'm broken heart because a guy who's younger than me and actually he's my junior in high school and yeah the reason why is because he had a girlfriend. ya know he's too kind and before i knew it i've fallen in love with him. i think that i made a wrong decision and choose a wrong turn. i'm going crazy to think it over and over. now i'm trying to forget him and trying to erase this feeling. and you know, i think this isn't love, it's just like i admire him because his kind attitude towards me. so, July please help me through your month :') 

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