13 Juli 2012

What i think about 18.

Eighteen. The truth is i dislike this number. Because it's just remind me with someone that i don't want to remember. I don't hate him, i just can't believe that he left me hopeless you know? Still remember my post a few months ago about guy who could made me move on right? Yes, that guy is now have a girlfriend and she's my friend in junior and senior high school. Actually, i don't like him anymore since i know that him closed with the girl friend of mine. I'm not interested in him anymore because he just played my feel. So, my feelings for him is gone now and there's no my hatred for him. I'm gonna say goodbye and congratulations to them. I prayed for their happiness :)

2 weeks ago, my friend named Galang introduce me to a friend of him. Actually i've ever met him once in a studio where Galang work. I don't want to publish the name of that guy here because it can make a fuss. Just so you know, his name begins with alphabet number eighteen. And yeah i trapped again in the same hole. But, this guy is different. From the start i interested in him but i have no confidence to get closer with him. I just can be friend with him. He's a guitarist in a band, he's studied  in Dinus University and he take a major of visual communication design. Actually, he was an ex-boyfriend of my friend in senior high school. And after i knew that we're in the same age, i'm afraid to be closer with him. Because i can't have a relationship with boy in the same age. I'm too afraid if my heart will be played by him. Because what i know is every guy in the same age or even is younger than me isn't serious if they had a relationship. But i don't know much about him. So, i can't think like what kind of people is him. And i'm expect that he's not kind of people that will play around with many girls heart, even though i didn't have any chance to be her girlfriend :)

I don't know what will wait and happen to me in the future. I just let it flow by itself and do my best for my life now, xoxo <3

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